Our Values

Edlong Dairy Technologies is different from any other flavor house—and not just because we’re the only one that focuses exclusively on the finest dairy flavors.

We treat our customers like family, and naturally build long-term relationships.

We’re proud of our 99% on-time shipping record, but it’s that 1% that inspires us to try even harder. And we delight in hearing the smiles on the other end of the phone, every time we successfully combine the science and art of flavors.

Edlong’s genuine commitment: managing our business in ways that put you first. This commitment is rooted in our core values:

Customer-Centric Focus
You, the customer, always come first at Edlong. Everything we do revolves around exceeding your expectations. Our processes are designed to be flexible and convenient to meet your needs and your timetable. We use our exceptional dairy flavor expertise to create the greatest possible product at the best value.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships
We build and nurture strong relationships, and are completely dependent on the strength of these connections. We seek to understand customer needs and then find ethical and responsible solutions that work to everyone’s advantage.

Direct Accountability
At Edlong Dairy Technologies, we make the world’s finest concentrated dairy flavors, not excuses. We hold ourselves accountable and responsible to each other and to you, while pushing for our own personal best and supporting the highest level of accomplishment in others. We trust each other’s expertise and judgment.

Lean Processes
We apply lean principles to every area of our business to improve quality and efficiency and reduce cost. We continually review all internal processes, looking to streamline and add customer value to everything we do.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
As a privately-held company, we fuel our own growth, control our own destiny, and retain the freedom of choice to make business decisions that advance both our business and our customers’ success.

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