The Scientific Art

of Authentic Taste


We are an award-winning manufacturer of concentrated dairy flavors including Cheese, Milk, Butter and Sour Cream. We do not manufacture or distribute dairy commodity ingredients.

We sell and sample our products to businesses that are in the food service, food distribution or pharmaceutical industries. Unfortunately, our samples and products are not available to the general public at this time.

Most of our products are made to order, with standard lead times of three weeks from order placement to ship date.

Current customers can login to DairyLink or contact Edlong’s Sample Service Department to request a specific flavor sample for their project. If the required flavor is unknown, they should contact Customer Service to submit an inquiry for a sample recommendation from our Applications team. Click here to request a sample.

Customers new to Edlong should contact Customer Service so we can better serve you. Click to contact Customer Service.

Product documentation can be found on Edlong® DairyLink, a secure, searchable database. A login is required for this site. If you do not have a login, simply click on “Request Access” and a password will be emailed to you. Click here to access DairyLink.

Once you’re logged in, you can enter the product number or search by sample history to locate technical documents, including Kosher certificates, MSDS, allergen statements and more.

Edlong is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise Council. You can view our certificate here. For additional information, contact your Edlong Account Manager or Customer Service to learn more about our diversity status.

WBE stands for Women’s Business Enterprise and indicates a nationally certified woman owned business. The rigorous certification process is facilitated by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and promotes diversity in commerce, expanded opportunities, and elimination of barriers in the marketplace for women business owners. For more information, visit the WBENC website or contact us.

Yes. Edlong® Palette Flavors were designed to meet the impact, stability, cost and functionality challenges that research chefs often confront. Featuring indulgent and innovative profiles, these flavors are concentrated to deliver more flavor impact than traditional dairy commodities, while allowing lower usage levels and reduced cost-in-use. Use Edlong® Palette Flavors to inspire a variety of applications, including beverages, desserts and sauces and dressings.

Yes. ED-Vance™ flavors are certified non-GM, are made from identity preserved (IP) ingredients, are Kosher Dairy (KD) and Kosher Pareve (KP), and excel in everything from baked goods, dressings and dips to sauces, seasonings and beverages.

Yes. VISION™ flavors are ideal for formulating products for customers who have dairy protein allergies, lactose intolerance, vegan or traditional dietary preferences. These flavors are Kosher Pareve (KP) certified, available in regional profiles and create a rich, authentic dairy taste that excels in a variety of applications.

Yes. Edlong features a wide range of flavors that make better-for-you products taste better. Our masking flavors cover metallic notes in mineral-fortified and reduced-sodium applications, mask beany notes in soy-based products and enhance sweetness. Our mouthfeel products enhance rich, fatty notes in reduced-fat applications such as dairy products and beverages, dressings, sauces and seasoning blends for snack applications and coatings.

No. All of Edlong’s products have been formulated without added diacetyl.