The Scientific Art

of Authentic Taste

Our Values

Edlong Dairy Technologies is different from any other flavor house—and not just because we’re the only one that focuses exclusively on the finest dairy flavors.

We treat our customers like family, and naturally build long-term relationships.

We’re proud of our 99% on-time shipping record, but it’s that 1% that inspires us to try even harder. And we delight in hearing the smiles on the other end of the phone, every time we successfully combine the science and art of flavors.

Edlong’s genuine commitment: managing our business in ways that put you first. This commitment is rooted in the core values that guide the behavior of each Edlong employee. Our Formula captures the unique way we approach our work with each other, for you.

Our Formula

We are all in this together. You do not work alone. Understand how you are connected to customers and colleagues. Quickly and freely offer and accept support. At the end of the day, we will rise or sink together.

We take ownership. You are here because you are needed. What you do matters to customers, colleagues and the company. Do your job to the utmost of your ability and realize your impact.

We communicate honestly and with respect. Strong relationships are built on trust. Trust develops through openness, honesty, compassion, friendship and loyalty. Handle tough issues quickly and directly, but always respectfully.

We look for a better way. You can improve anything in your pursuit to create value for our customers and company. Look for waste and ways to do things faster, simpler and better. Act promptly when a better way is found.

We enjoy victory and grow from defeat. Freely share the joy of success. When things go wrong, reflect and learn from the experience. Apply the valuable lesson to future opportunities. Never stop learning.