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of Authentic Taste


Edlong Dairy Technologies understands the importance of preserving what exists today for future generations. We are committed to achieving the highest environmental standards for the benefit of our employees and the environment through sustainable and environmentally sound practices throughout our company.

Our Green Team includes employees across all departments, as well as those who share a passion for corporate responsibility and sustainability. This group develops programs which seek to make the most effective and efficient use of all resources while encouraging each individual to develop an ecologically sound and sustainable approach to their work and lifestyle.

We strive to:

  • Adopt, wherever practical, manufacturing methods that reduce impact on the earth’s resources, while maintaining the highest food safety and quality standards
  • Enlighten all members of the company about how their daily activities impact the environment
  • Create and maintain social programs that encourage participation from all Edlong employees, for the greater good of those in our neighboring communities

The following programs support sustainable business operations:

  • Recycling glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and wooden pallets
  • Conservation of energy and other natural resources, including use of environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient fixtures
  • Pollution control, to limit the amount and types of waste produced as a result of normal business operations
  • Social awareness and employee participation to improve the lives of others outside of the Edlong community