Meals & Meal Centers

Convenience is king, and ready-to-eat meals are it. Frozen and shelf-stable meals and sides, frozen and shelf-stable sauced or seasoned vegetables and pizzas are ideal applications for dairy flavors. In these products, you can reduce or remove dairy commodities without sacrificing flavor, while delivering signature notes that consumers identify with your product…and create repeat sales.

Edlong’s flavors excel in a variety of Meal and Meal Center applications, including:

  • Scampi, butter herb meal kits, Alfredo, pasta fillings, chicken parmesan, meat analogs, beef stroganoff

Working on any of these applications? Consider using the following flavors in your product development:

  • Cheese: parmesan, asiago, Italian, mozzarella, cheddar, nacho, processed, Swiss, asadero, bleu
  • Milk & Cream: milk, cream, heavy cream
  • Cultured: cream cheese, sour cream
  • Butter: melted, fresh

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