Snacks & Bakery

Snack developers: From chips to crackers, dairy flavors are an excellent way to create new consumer news. Cheese and Butter flavors simulate the taste of real dairy, and our full line of regional flavors make a typical snack something worth snacking on.

Bakery developers: In breads and sweet baked goods, dairy flavors can replace all or a portion of dairy commodities, enhance the “butteriness” or “creamy notes, while being an essential tool in managing cost and profit margins. Additionally, Purefection high-intensity dairy ingredients give you the consumer appeal of retaining real dairy on the label.

Edlong’s flavors excel in a variety of Snack & Bakery applications, including:

  • Crackers, chips, popcorn, savory breads, biscuits, croissants, muffins, cookies, sweet breads, nutritional bars, fillings, icings

Working on any of these applications? Consider using the following flavors in your product development:

  • Cheese: cheddar, parmesan, feta, cotija, manchego
  • Butter: corny, sweet, melted, brown
  • Milk & Cream: milk, cream, heavy cream
  • Sweet Dairy: caramel, brown sugar, French vanilla, cheesecake
  • Cultured: sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, ranch

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