Soups & Sides

Achieving homemade taste is within reach using dairy flavors. Cheese, Butter, Milk & Cream and Cultured flavors bring unique notes and can replace dairy commodities in soups, macaroni and cheese, potatoes and pastas. The results are rich, inspired dishes.

Edlong’s flavors excel in a variety of Soup and Side applications, including:

  • Potatoes, rice, barley, cheese soups, cream-based soups, sweet potatoes, baked apples

Working on any of these applications? Consider using the following flavors in your product development:

  • Cheese: cheddar, Italian, parmesan, romano, bleu
  • Milk & Cream: fresh, heavy cream, cream
  • Butter: melted, toasted, country
  • Cultured: buttermilk, ranch, sour cream
  • Sweet Dairy: caramel, vanilla custard

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