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DairyConnect / Employee Spotlight

An Eagle Scout with an eagle eye for food safety

Matthew Young Production Joined Edlong in March, 2015 How would you describe your typical day? I go where I am needed at King Street (our production location), from...

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Bakery / Cheese / DairyConnect

Chef-inspired Apricot Gouda Scones

The summer of 2017 was a tasty one in the Edlong application kitchens, as our summer intern from the Culinary Institute of America, Austin Kissel, treated us to...

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Authentic dairy flavors are just the beginning

At Edlong, our mission is to Enrich the Lives of Those We Touch. We live this objective through our products, partnerships, diversity, corporate social responsibility practices, and notably,...

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DairyConnect / Employee Spotlight

From Applications to alternative rock

Isabel Macedo Senior Food Scientist—Europe Global Sensory Manager Joined Edlong in November, 2012 How would you describe your typical day? I work in Ireland in the R&D Applications...

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DairyConnect / Snacks & Crackers

Turning “free-from” into “yes-please”

Consumers know what they want in their food and beverages—and what they don’t. They want their meals and snacks to be “free-from” gluten, high calories, allergens, sugar and...

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DairyConnect / Market Trends

The free-from segment is growing, with an emphasis on gluten-free

The term “free-from” can include a variety of items that consumers actively avoid, such as sugar, sodium, dairy and GMOs. However, the free-from trend that has grown into...

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DairyConnect / Employee Spotlight

Ups, downs, chills and customer thrills

Keith Garstin Regional Sales Manager, Southeast Works from his home office in Nashville, Tennessee.Joined Edlong in August, 2011 How would you describe your typical day? Every day is...

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Dairy Substitutes / DairyConnect

4 ways to go dairy-free

A sweet treat and sauces … but no dairy The growth in plant-based products extends beyond ice cream, into foods that consumers enjoy all day long. Edlong has...

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Ice cream photo

Dairy Substitutes / DairyConnect / Market Trends

Get the scoop on plant-based dairy

You scream, I scream … for something new From Thai rolled ice cream to the Crazy Shakes at Black Tap Burger in Manhattan, the ice cream market has...

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DairyConnect / Employee Spotlight

Challenging our interns to solve real problems

At Edlong, we understand the importance of inspiring the future leaders of the food industry. That’s why our internship program is so special to us. Our President and...

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