Functional Dairy

Functional Dairy Flavors

Today's consumers crave more than great taste. They seek products that offer health and wellness benefits, increased energy, vitamin and mineral enrichment, cholesterol reduction and relief from joint pain.

Edlong® Dairy Technologies specializes in helping food manufacturers overcome the taste of active food ingredients—transforming them with cost-effective, palate-pleasing alternatives. We offer a full line of enhancing, functional, masking and mouthfeel flavors that diminish off-notes and boost the taste in nutritional soy, beverage, dressing, dessert and snack bar product applications.

There's no need to make a trade-off on great taste for your functional food applications. Explore our options on our Edlong® DairyLink database, or ask us to create a customized, functional solution for your application.

Functional Dairy Profiles

Functional Dairy flavors can be used in: