Edlong Dairy Technologies Announces 2017 Scholarship Winners

Abbey Thiel and Savannah Branson receive Feeding Tomorrow Scholarships

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL [June 28, 2017]—Edlong Dairy Technologies has awarded Feeding Tomorrow scholarships to Abbey Thiel and Savannah Branson. Since 2012, the company has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarship money to students pursuing a degree in food science with an emphasis on dairy flavors and/or dairy science. The scholarships are awarded through IFT, the Institute of Food Technologists.

“Abbey and Savannah have the drive to make major contributions to the food industry,” says Edlong President and CEO Laurette Rondenet. “Edlong is proud to support them in their studies,” she continues.

Abbey Thiel has been awarded the 2017 Feeding Tomorrow Specialty Graduate Scholarship. A student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she is researching how processing and formulation factors affect the occurrence of arrested coalescence to reduce fat in whipped products. She is also investigating the use of nanoparticles partly covering fat globules to produce partially coalesced structures. Knowledge in these areas will allow optimization of product design and processing, and may lead to healthier and more nutritious food.

Savannah Branson has been awarded the 2017 Feeding Tomorrow Specialty Undergraduate Scholarship. A junior at Brigham Young University, she enjoys working hands-on with food, understanding food science and creatively overcoming formulation challenges. Fascinated by the chemistry behind food, she plans to further her knowledge in the field, especially in dairy chemistry.

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