100 Years of Fabulous Flavor

December 16, 2014

Ok, we can’t help it. This past year, we might have been a little self-congratulating but we feel that helping customers find solutions with our dairy flavors for 100 years is something to celebrate. And it’s something we love doing every single day. So we thought we would reflect on the past year and highlight some of the innovations that were our personal favorites and offer practical solutions to your applications.

Expect the Unexpected

Our goal for 100 Flavorful Years was to share not only the expected but also the unexpected uses for Edlong dairy flavors. Sure, milk flavors are expected in a shake but a shake that starts with non-dairy, non-GMO milk flavors and incorporates pea protein and rice milk becomes a trend worthy, protein-lover’s dream. We charted some unfamiliar territory by using our dairy flavors with beloved bacon to take it to a whole other level with some out-of-the-box thinking by employing dairy and cheese flavors to round out a decadent bacon jam.

Snack on This

We also took you on a few excursions to experience Peru, a country whose cuisine we expect to be hot, hot, hot in 2015. Our take on the Peruvian snack, chifles incorporates our cheese flavors to balance out the heat of Peru’s star pepper, aji Amarillo. It’s a snack that’s on point with consumer’s growing obsession with snacking and love of spicy flavors. And yet another snack revealed the magic that dairy flavors can provide by using a layering technique guaranteed to achieve “can’t have just one” status.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As our final gift to you in honor of the holiday season and our 100th anniversary, we are happy to share our 100th Anniversary Snack Mix. It’s a yummy treat, with flavors reminiscent of a yellow birthday cake in a snack mix. Showcasing our butter vanilla-type flavor, almond bark, cereal and rainbow sprinkles, it’s a celebration in every handful!

Thank You!

We hope that you have found our 100 Flavorful Years inspirational, trend worthy and most importantly, a practical toolbox of ideas to inspire your applications and concepts. Thank you for celebrating with us and for being our inspiration these 100 years. Our success is only possible because of your trust and partnership. We wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and look forward to working with you in 2015!


Natural & Artificial Butter Vanilla-Type Flavor #1412095
• Powder
• Kosher pareve
• Vanilla, sweet, creamy, butter, caramel, milk, marshmallow, butterscotch