A Buffet of Partnership With the CIA

April 19, 2016

You are probably as excited as we are about Edlong’s relationship with the Culinary Institute of America. Founded in 1946, this institution is the world’s premier culinary college, dedicated to providing the world’s best culinary education.

Working Together With the Culinary Institute of America in Many Ways

With every authentic dairy flavor and dairy blend Edlong creates, culinary inspired applications are top of mind. Foremost in our thinking are the future chefs in our industry and how Edlong can support tomorrow’s culinary leaders. To reach this goal, Edlong is establishing and broadening our partnership with the Culinary Institute of America in myriad ways. Here are some examples of our collaboration:

  • In the classic Edlong spirit of generously investing in the future, Edlong CEO and President Laurette Rondenet-Smith initiated a significant monetary contribution to future chefs actively seeking a Culinary Science degree. For details on the scholarship click here.
  • On February 19th Laura Enriquez, Edlong VP of R&D Applications, and Robert Adams, Senior Flavorist, teamed up with CIA Culinary Science instructor Chef JJ Lui for a video conference-enabled flavor creation and application session that included hands-on student lab work with flavor compounds, and applied flavor tasting. The session was so well received that further sessions are planned as part of the curriculum.
  • In late March, Laura Parker, Edlong Director of Marketing, and Laura Enriquez were honored to be industry perspective contributors for a student presentation on market-driven concept creation and business planning. Students impressed the Edlong team with their engaging presentation skills, as well as careful considerations of concept creation, commercialization and marketing in new product development.

Every day we meld advanced biochemistry to make new flavors and the art of creating chef-guided delicious consumer experiences.