A Flight of Marshmallows

December 20, 2017

Today’s consumers have a taste for nostalgic desserts that take them back to their childhood. They enjoy complex flavors, unexpected pairings and sharing their favorite indulgences on social media. Edlong’s Applications Lab created a beyond-decadent Flight of Marshmallows, featuring Praline Crunch, Toasted Coconut Rum and Campfire S’mores variations that show our innovative use of sweet flavors and on-trend expertise. Our authentic flavors add sophistication, as natural layers of sweet dairy profiles create a flavor experience of sweetness, saltiness and smokiness.

Indulgent and inventive, the Praline Crunch marshmallow uses an Edlong dark chocolate flavor to create a chocolate marshmallow that includes espresso powder provide a rich, mocha flavor profile. The Edlong Praline flavor was then used in the coating to impart a nutty note, to balance the richness of the marshmallow.

Spirits have long been used in desserts, and more recently have been expanding into a variety of indulgent formats. For the Toasted Coconut Rum marshmallow, we created a mild Vanilla Rum flavor to lend sweetness, and elevate a childhood favorite profile.

Our Campfire S’more marshmallow combines a natural vanilla whiskey-type flavor with a natural dark chocolate flavor for signature flavor complexity. It was inspired by bacon, which adds salty, smoky notes to chocolate desserts.


In Praline Crunch:

  • Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor #614
  • Coating: Natural Praline-Type Flavor #1412596

In Toasted Coconut Rum:

  • Natural Vanilla Rum-Type Flavor #1412628
  • Natural Roasted Coconut Flavor #1412884
  • Coating: Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor #614

In Campfire S’mores:

  • Natural Vanilla Whiskey-Type Flavor #1412896
  • Coating: Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor #614; dilution of Birch Tar Oil

Gather our team for your next project, and you’ll see how our authentic sweet flavors and on-trend expertise will make your next dessert unforgettable with consumers!