A Healthy Snack That Satisfies? That’s Nuts!

March 28, 2016

In the course of conducting our “deep dive” study of the snack category, it became clear that a host of dynamics shape consumer snacking behavior. This wide range of influences—such as eating on the go, hectic lifestyles, traveling and consuming new, intriguing ingredients and tastes, and so much more, has created fragmentation in eating traditions and habits. Fewer meals, more snacking. It moves snacking toward an “intentional” place, a mindset that’s more purposeful about what and why we choose.

Nuts and seeds as a category reflect overall snacking trends. Consumers turn to nuts and seeds largely to fulfill needs that have historically been about fuel, nutritional density and convenience over savoring indulgence. Nuts and seeds are enjoyed by consumers as a pathway to functional health and a vehicle for positive nutrition.

Nuts possess a positive image and are packed with protein as well as heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. This category is seen as the most convenient way to get nutrients in a snack. The wide range of nut varieties offers a never-ending combination of nutritional benefits including protein, fiber, unsaturated fats and antioxidants.

Our proprietary snacking study found flavors like sea salt, spicy, bold and cheesy are profiles consumers would like to see more of when selecting nuts and seeds. They prefer the natural crispy and crunchy texture of this savory snack. Consumers typically purchase nuts and seeds that are made by a brand they like and with familiar flavors.  Read about the tantalizing Rosemary Feta Greek Clusters we created using nuts, seeds and two Cheese flavor profiles here.

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