A Latte Afternoon Snack

July 27, 2015

It’s 3:00pm. Time for the mid-afternoon snack. For most working consumers, it involves a stroll to the vending machine or cafeteria for either chips or a piece of fruit, but there certainly are days when only caffeine will do the trick to counteract midday sluggishness. Nothing like a flavorful latte to provide the perfect pick-me up! A perfect snack, a latte can satisfy the soul and fill the tummy. However, consumers with a milk allergy or dietary requirement might feel a little left out since most ready to drink lattes contain cow milk and those with alternative milks lack the familiar, creamy mouthfeel and taste.

Double Duty Snacking

But what if you could provide consumers with the best of both worlds?
Edlong has developed a soy latte using a combination of our natural milk-type flavors to mask the typical beany notes from soy and also to achieve the perfect dairy creaminess. Consumers reap the benefits of a plant-based protein along with the desired caffeine boost that make this beverage the ultimate snack. For a twist, try this concept with either almond milk or coconut milk and Edlong flavors for another successful twist on the latte. We promise 3:00 p.m. will never taste so good.

Edlong Featured Flavors:

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1411308
• Powder
• Kosher pareve
• Sweet, milk, cream, vanilla

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1411492
• Emulsion
• Kosher pareve
• Milk, Fresco, dairy, cream, fresh, Panela, Asadero, Oaxaca

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #141283
• Spray Dry
• Kosher pareve
• Sweet, milk, creamy, fresh, dairy

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1411661
• Powder
• Kosher pareve
• Sweet, milk, dairy, creamy, cooked, butter