Alfredo That is Low pH, High Flavor

May 16, 2014

Ethnic cuisines are white hot but none has staying power like Italian food. Young, old, male or female, most consumers have a love affair with the foods of Italy. One of the most popular and timeless is the Alfredo Sauce, seen on countless restaurant menus and featured prominently in the pasta sauce aisle.

However, commercializing a traditional Alfredo sauce presents a challenge for manufacturers mainly due to the complex formulation matrix and required heat processing for stability. Bottom line: how to make a shelf-stable, restaurant quality Alfredo?

The Key is pH

As a dairy technologies company, we saw an opportunity to put our product and formulation expertise to work in creating a shelf-stable Alfredo sauce that maintains product integrity and, more importantly, flavor. Featuring a Natural Edlong Parmesan flavor and one of our Natural heavy cream flavors, this classic Alfredo is a rich and indulgent sauce that delivers authentic taste with superior shelf stability. With a pH of 4.2, this sauce is hot filled and avoids the high-heat conditions experienced during the retort process leading to a reduced processing time.

At Edlong, complex processing challenges make us excited to go to work every day. Let us help you with your next product development project.

Featured Edlong Flavors

Natural Parmesan-Type Flavor #1412119
– Liquid
– Kosher Pareve
– Musty, Parmesan, fatty, fruity, waxy, aged, caproic acid, cheese

Natural Heavy Cream-Type Flavor #1411532
– Liquid
– Kosher Pareve
– Heavy cream, butter, creamy, fatty, milk, soapy, sour