Balancing Science And Art At IFT

June 29, 2017

Did you miss the National IFT Expo in Las Vegas? If you did, you not only missed a great expo, but you missed seeing how Edlong delivers The Science of Delicious. At Edlong our dairy flavor experts are renowned for their ability to balance flavor science and culinary artistry to create authentic taste in food and beverages.

It’s all About the Science
We excel at the science that creates authenticity in taste. Our highly specialized flavorists have unique expertise in dairy flavor chemistry. We pioneered the use of bio-transformation and fermentation. We have the industry’s largest library of dairy raw materials and we conduct basic research in enzymes and cultures. That allows us to help you shorten the R&D required for commercialization of successful food and beverage launches.

No, It’s all About the Art
Great taste is an art. It’s not just a formula, but also a combination of mouthfeel and flavor. We select optimal combinations of ingredients along with process complexity to create innovative products that make optimal impressions.

Our Authenticity Alcove
We also hosted a variety of technical innovation seminars in our booth, featuring unique flavor tools for culinary, artistic indulgence, clean label and dairy-free vegan applications. Check out our Facebook page to see some of our presentations live.

  • Vegan Dairy Applications
    Tasting: Vegan Edam Cheese
    We demonstrated unique formulation challenges and new ways to use dairy flavors to improve the flavor of vegan applications.
  • Authentic Taste & Artisan Profiles
    Tasting: A Flight of Marshmallows
    Visitors explored a world of new global dairy flavors encompassing indulgence and bold taste.
  • The CIA Presents: The Science of Delicious
    Guests gained unique insights about elevating the benefits of flavor technologies to deliver chef-inspired innovation, featuring a special appearance by an industry expert from the School of Culinary Science and Nutrition of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).
  • Clean Label & Dairy Flavors
    Tasting: Buttery Popcorn
    Attendees expanded their knowledge about new ingredient technologies that deliver cleaner labels without sacrificing taste.
  • Sabor Auténtico y Perfiles Artesanales
    Degustación de Malvaviscos
    Los visitantes exploraron una gama amplia de nuetros sabores lácteos globales didirigidos a crear un producto de lujo con un sabor redondeado.

If we missed you, don’t worry. We’d be delighted to speak with you more about how Edlong can work with you to develop inspiring taste profiles. Contact us at today to learn more about Edlong® dairy flavors.