Butter’s Got Cheese’s Back: Part One

October 17, 2014

Many consumers have classic food pairings that they feel just bring out the best in each other. Take, for instance, the ever-popular crackers and cheese. Over the years, manufacturers have capitalized on the consumer’s passion for this combo by creating many varieties of cheese flavored snack crackers. At Edlong, we have experimented with this concept in our lab and found a way to take the classic cheese cracker to a whole new level by adding one additional layer of flavor.

The Next Layer is Butter

Sometimes it isn’t easy creating a cracker with the just right processed or cheddar cheese flavor profile. Luckily, we’ve discovered an unlikely ally in this challenge – butter! It’s the difference between a good cheese cracker and a soul stirring, can’t get enough taste sensation. For our cheese cracker, we layered a natural butter flavor with four Edlong natural cheese flavors to create a rich, cheesy cracker. Our dairy expertise has shown us that butter flavor complements processed and cheddar cheese profiles by rounding out the named profile and adding a more fatty taste. And the benefits of using butter flavor are effective in any cheese application, even analogs. With over 80 different butter flavors in a variety of forms, we’re confident we can find the perfect butter match for your cheese flavor profile. .

Let us show you how butter can be the unexpected solution to your next cheese based application. We promise you it won’t be cheesy…it’ll be butter than that.

Edlong Featured Flavors:

Natural Cheddar Flavor #1410958
• Powder
• Kosher dairy
• Cheese, beery, sharp, proteolytic, Cheddar, tangy, sour, Manchego

Natural Cheese Flavor #1176
• Emulsion
• Kosher dairy
• Cheese, dairy, fatty, acrid, butyric, young Cheddar, butter, Añejo

Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1411433
• Liquid
• Kosher pareve
• Cheddar, butter, aged, cheese, cream, sour, fatty, sharp

Natural Buttermilk-Type Flavor #1412466
• Liquid
• Kosher pareve
• Cultured, buttermilk, butter, fatty, sour, creamy, acidic, milk

Natural Bleu-Type Flavor #4728
• Spray Dry
• Kosher pareve
• Bleu, musty, ketone, Danish, creamy, cheese

Natural Butter-Type Flavor #1411516
• Liquid
• Kosher pareve
• Butter, creamy, sweet, corn, milk, sour