Consumers Are Going Nuts (And Beans) For Non-Dairy Dairy Products

August 30, 2016

Edlong Helps Food Manufacturers Solve the Non-Dairy Dairy Dilemma

Presented with more options than ever for dairy alternative products, consumers are changing their dairy preferences. Health and occasion are driving their choices. Some see dairy-free products as a way to avoid food intolerances, while others are interested in consuming a wider range of plant-based nutrients, helping them reach their health and wellness goals.

According to Mintel, sales of dairy milk decreased 7 percent in 2015 ($17.8 billion) and are projected to drop another 11 percent through 2020. Seen as a better-for-you (BFY) alternative to dairy milk, non-dairy milk-type offerings continue to see strong growth, with gains of 9 percent in 2015 to reach $1.9 billion.

Mintel research reveals that half (49 percent) of Americans consume non-dairy milk. * This includes:

  • Alternative milks including almond, soy, cashew, etc.
  • Vegan items such as cheese, yogurt, sour cream, desserts/ice cream
  • Sheep and goat milk for those who prefer alternative animal dairy to “nut and legume” options

It’s not just lactose intolerance that’s driving the push for non-dairy dairy. Consumers also want to:

  • Avoid allergens
  • Lower cholesterol and address heart health concerns that are believed to be influenced by dairy milk consumption plant-based product
  • Consume a “flexitarian” diet to support a more sustainable, plant-based process

They want their alternative milk products, but they won’t compromise on great taste. Edlong can help you overcome common taste challenges, especially in reduced sugar applications that have multiple issues in a single product, including:

  • Bitterness
  • Off-notes from source ingredients
  • Off-notes from fortification to match protein or vitamin content of dairy
  • Missing inherent dairy flavor and richness
  • Lower or different fat content and plant sources that affect mouthfeel
  • Reducing sugar content—many CPG non-dairy products contain just as much or more sugar than their dairy counterparts


Ask us how our Kosher Pareve flavors can bring out the best in your next dairy-free application.

Source: Mintel; Dairy Milk-US-March 2016