Consumers Want It All—Edlong Helps You Give It To Them

May 24, 2016

The Versatile Power of Edlong Natural Flavors

Consumers are not only looking for clean labels, they expect them. Recently, the FDA released results of its Health and Diet Survey. It indicated most consumers have referred to the Nutrition Facts Panel when making purchasing decisions. As we all know, consumers want as few ingredients listed on labels as possible. They increasingly expect all the ingredients listed to be the same as those found in their own pantries.

We are also seeing consumers seeking more function from their food and beverage choices. Consumers are seeking fortification in a variety of areas including added protein, fiber and natural sugar substitutes. They are even looking for added grains in their beverages! According to The Hartman Group, consumers are increasingly looking for functional foods that work harder for them in their overall approach to wellness.

Specifically they look for:

  • Nutrient-rich foods for everyday occasions, especially at breakfast
  • Sustained energy and satiety

For many consumers, counting calories is becoming less important than the quality of those calories! In fact, the functional food market is projected to be a $130 billion market by the end of the year, with beverages accounting for 30% of that number.

But assuring clean labels while adding nutrition, while increasing shelf life without preservatives, can lead to some real challenges in palatability.

We all know that taste will always be a priority for consumers. What’s a developer to do? One option is to work with Edlong. Did you know that Edlong natural flavors are being used to effectively mask protein, reduce stevia aftertaste, blunt the bitterness of whole grains, add mouthfeel to reduced fat products, and add a smooth, sweet foundation to reduced sugar applications, many with inulin? Let Edlong help you balance clean, short labels with all the added benefits your consumers desire, all while creating a tasty product they will return to purchase.