Delivering The Science Behind The Art

June 29, 2017

It’s the science of delicious, the craft behind the authentic dairy tastes we’re famous for. At IFT this year, we gave each of our visitors tastes of how dairy flavor experts at Edlong balance science and artistry to create authentic dairy profiles.

We offered four menu items each a unique and mouthwatering example of how Edlong dairy flavors can help customers meet their needs and create innovative, premium artisanal products.


The Science of Unexpected: Cheddar & Pasilla Negro Chile Cauliflower Dip |
This rich and cheesy cauliflower dip is sumptuous with its on-trend global pepper-inspired flavor profile. Edlong Cheese and Butter flavors combined with pasilla pepper, lift the taste profile of the cauliflower, delivering a lower-fat vegan alternative to traditional nacho cheese dip.

  • Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1412271
  • Natural Butter-Type Flavor #1412649
  • Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1411344
  • Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1412108

The Science of Delicious: Goldrush
Edlong flavors provide creaminess and indulgence. It masks the peppery, bitter taste of turmeric, which offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits. This vegan and dairy-free drink delivers plenty of mouthfeel with an authentic sweetened condensed milk profile.

  • Natural Sweet Cream-Type Flavor #1412560
  • Natural Sweet Spot Flavor #1412836

The Science of Indulgence: A Flight of Marshmallows: Praline Crunch, Toasted Coconut Rum, Campfire S’mores
Authentic Edlong flavors add sophistication to sweetness. The natural layers of sweet dairy flavors create a flavor experience of sweet, salty and smoky for this decadent dessert.

  • Edlong Flavors Used in Praline Crunch:
    • Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor #614
    • Coating: Natural Praline-Type Flavor #1412596
  • Edlong Flavors Used in Toasted Coconut Rum:
    • Natural Vanilla Rum-Type Flavor #1412628
    •  Natural Roasted Coconut Flavor #1412884
    • Coating: Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor #614
  • Edlong Flavors Used in Campfire S’mores:
    • Natural Vanilla Whiskey-Type Flavor #1412896
    • Coating: Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor #614
    • Dilution of Birch Tar Oil

The Science of Dairy-Free: Vegan Cheesecake Mousse
This innovative dairy-free dessert includes a strong cheese flavor to develop a creamy texture, with goat cheese and blueberry compote. Edlong yogurt flavor adds tart and cultured notes mixed with vanilla custard flavor to produce sweetness. Goat cheese flavor creates a balanced, cheesecake-like profile.

  • Natural Goat Cheese-Type Flavor #1412941
  • Natural Yogurt-Type Flavor #1411496
  • Natural Vanilla Custard-Type Flavor #1412608

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