Easy Energizer – Protein Coffee Beverage

January 28, 2014

Capitalize on the consumer demand for protein and synergy with coffee for a convenient and nutritious breakfast drink or an afternoon energy booster.  Consumers are striving to add more protein to their daily diets, while also desiring more energy.  This delicious and nutritious beverage delivers on all key trends:  protein, nutrition and added energy.  The combination of both protein and caffeine provides longer lasting, sustained energy.  In addition to the 18 grams of added milk protein, this optimized formulation contains 100% of the RDA for B vitamins.  It can be formulated with alternative sweeteners (stevia, sucralose, etc.) for a reduced calorie beverage or with natural sugar.  This formulation is heat stable and can be UHT processed with no impact on flavor or texture.

Healthy Beverages should have only one aftertaste. Delicious!

The all-natural flavor system for this beverage is creatively formulated to deliver creamy, dairy richness and caramel decadence while also masking any off notes from the added protein and alternative sweeteners.  The flavor system is a complimentary blend of several flavors which interact together for the final taste sensations of rich coffee, buttery caramel, and dairy cream.  This highly functional flavor has a low use level of 1%.

The beverage flavor system can be labeled as “natural flavors” to contribute to a clean label statement.  In addition to being natural, the flavor system is also Kosher and Parve.  This “Easy Energizer” competes well with nutritional beverages, energy drinks and other healthy RTD beverages.  Thirsty for more?  Call or click today for samples and to learn more about our functional beverage formulations.

Key Benefits

  • 18 g of milk protein
  • Energy boost:
    – Calcium
    – B Vitamins (100% of RDA)
    – Caffeine (6 mg)
  • All natural flavors, clean label
  • UHT-stable formulation
  • Caramel notes add unexpected richness & indulgence to profile

Featured Edlong Flavor

Natural Beverage Mouthfeel Flavor #1412397

  • All Natural
  • Liquid format
  • Kosher-Parve
  • 1% Use Level


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