Edlong’s Many Flavors of Innovation

June 30, 2016

It’s Eleven O’Clock, Do You Know Where Your Dairy Flavorist is?

We do! Right here in our labs. At Edlong Dairy Technologies, our singular focus on dairy flavors alone is innovative—no other company shares our passion for or commitment to creating the world’s best-performing dairy flavors. We help you innovate through breakthrough products, but also through the breakthrough use of technology and research. We find new ways to help our customers succeed every day.

Edlong Innovation means:

  • Investment in basic research
  • Excellence in applied science
  • Advancements in clean label technology
  • Expert dairy flavor scientists

As a privately held food technology and biochemistry company, our depth of commitment to and investment in long-range research is unrivaled. Our scientific approach ensures we provide our customers with the most reliable options for the most authentic flavors within our focus on dairy. Our continued investment in research positions us on the leading edge of dairy technology.

Whether demonstrating cost savings over traditional dairy commodities, developing masking and mouthfeel flavors that enhance better-for-you applications, assisting you in added sugar reduction or creating premium, authentic profiles, we are committed to providing products that work.

In response to growing demand for clean labels, this year we’re debuting new and exciting products at IFT, designed to simplify labels and satisfy consumer demand for authenticity. Stop by Booth #1026 or to learn more, contact us.