European Cheeses Made Easy

November 25, 2014

Americans love traveling to Europe, whether for business or pleasure. The romance of hopping on a train in Europe, bottle of wine, loaf of bread and wedge of cheese in hand, and enjoying the countryside to the next stop is more than appealing. And as the economy picks up, expect to see more Americans wanting a taste of Europe’s flavors, especially cheese. More than 8 million Americans visited Europe through August of this year, which is up 4.6% from 20131. And Millennials cite five European destinations in their top 10 travel goals for 2014: Italy, U.K., France, Germany and Spain2. You can bet that the consumer’s craving for European cheese and other flavors is only going to grow.

Understanding Europe’s universal appeal, Edlong has developed a new line of authentic European cheese flavors including Brie, Camembert, Edam, Emmental, Goat, Gouda and Gruyere that allow manufacturers the ability to create sophisticated side dishes, sauces, snacks, seasonings and baked goods while guaranteeing a consistent profile time after time. These European cheese flavors meet stability and functionality requirements and, just as importantly, help manufacturers to create authentic, premium taste at a fraction of the price.

We Speak Cheese in Many Languages

Have a project where a sophisticated European cheese flavor could make all the difference? Contact us today at to request a sample. Our technologists are available and ready to assist you in choosing one our new European cheese flavors that will have your consumers saying “ooh la la”!


• Natural
• Kosher Pareve
• Non-GMO
• Halal-certifiable
• Whole Foods®-Compliant
• Produce a consistent profile time after time
• Meet stability and functionality requirements

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