Edlong® is continually developing new dairy flavors that satisfy customer trends, provide authentic flavor, and meet the needs of today’s food manufacturing industry.

Experts & Artisans

After more than a century, Edlong has attained a level of expertise in dairy flavors that is unmatched. Our proprietary technologies, along with a deep-seeded knowledge of flavor chemistry and food systems, allow our clients to create new, authentic and lower cost product formulations that meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers. We balance our technical prowess with an artistic approach, creating authentic flavor profiles that go beyond taste to deliver a complete culinary experience. Edlong developed the first commercially viable, cost-effective concentrated cheese flavor, and we developed clean label flavors that capitalize on our enzyme and culture expertise. Today, our broad global portfolio includes more than 250 dairy-free and vegan flavors to help food product developers achieve authentic dairy taste experiences in plant-based applications. How do we make the best even better? At Edlong, we are always continually researching and refining promising new proprietary technologies to deliver new flavors. Our flavorists and scientists are continually advancing their own education, and that of our customers, to solve tough formulation problems.




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Organics by Edlong