Organics™ by Edlong

Tap into decades of Edlong dairy expertise and satisfy growing consumer demand with the launch of our new Organic flavor range.

Organics by Edlong Whether it’s cleaner ingredient labels or developing new products, Edlong delivers Organic flavors that are fully customizable to suit specific needs.

The portfolio ranges from sweet to savory, including different profile options in milk, butter, cheese, sweet dairy, masking, and cultured varieties – each setting a new standard for taste impact and functional performance.

Edlong understands the growing consumer demand for organic products and we can help! We are rapidly increasing our organic portfolio of cheese, butter, cultured, sweet dairy, milk & cream, and functional flavors that meet the organic regulatory requirement to help you create products that are consumer-preferred.
Mario Jez, Flavorist at Edlong

Case Study: Organic Cheese Puff Snacks

Learn how Edlong's organic cheese flavors provide more intensity than leading cheese puff snacks



Designed to have a big impact at effective usage levels. These are liquid oil soluble and non-dairy flavors with profiles ranging from Cheddar to Romano and Bleu.


Liquid flavors with fresh butter profiles and authentic taste. Great for bakery, oil, sauce, analog, margarine, snacks and many other applications. Suitable for both dairy and non-dairy applications.


Designed to add fresh milky dairy notes to finished applications. Great for non-dairy applications like yogurt, ice-cream, beverages to plant-based cheese to mask undesirable notes from plant-based ingredients. Can also provide a neutral dairy background for a clean slate as a foundation for the characterizing flavor. Liquid oil soluble flavors suitable for both dairy and non-dairy applications.


Great for adding fresh cultured character to yogurts, ice-cream, cream cheese, RTD beverages, snacks, and other applications. These are liquid oil soluble flavors and include profiles such as cultured, buttermilk, and yogurt.


Great for masking plant-based ingredients and enhancing creamy flavor in different applications such as sauces, RTD beverages, sports nutritional mixes, bakery, ice-cream, and others. Available in both liquid oil soluble and powder forms.


Edlong specializes in dairy, with well-versed sweet dairy flavors like caramel, horchata, chocolate, vanilla, French vanilla, cheesecake, roasted coconut, cocoa and many more. Available in both liquid and powder forms.


Flavor modulators are designed to mask beany, sulfur, earthy, nutty, and bitter notes that are commonly associated with plant-based ingredients. Our developmental organic sweet spot flavors are designed to help enhance sweetness and bring back mouthfeel without added calories.

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