Fabulous Feta

March 12, 2014

If you’re a cheese lover like all of us at Edlong, you won’t be surprised that cheese consumption in the U.S. is at an all time high and has increased 39% in the last 25 years1 Craving these protein-rich, satisfying and varied flavor profiles, consumers love cheeses of all kind and are devouring the most flavorful options with gusto. Feta, known for its sharp, tangy flavor has seen rapid growth partially due to heightened consumer interest in Mediterranean cuisine.

Would you like cheese with that?

Briny, salty, dry, aged, creamy when melted…whether paired with olives, crumbled on a big, zesty Greek salad, or on the side with a souvlaki, feta satisfies when you have a hankering for something ethnic. Adding feta to an ethnic product concept makes for a winning dish but isn’t without barriers. Traditionally, specialty cheeses like feta can be expensive to source. A solution to this product development challenge can be the use of flavors to offset the required amount of real cheese. Edlong’s feta cheese flavor provides just the right amount of rich, natural feta flavor and maximizes your sourcing budget. We’ve developed several concepts showcasing our feta flavor and our favorite is a savory, sundried tomato cheese sauce.

Whether over fusilli, complementing grilled tilapia, or as a sauce for a roasted chicken, our creamy sundried tomato cheese sauce brings bold, salty flavor to a milder concept. Paired with Edlong’s natural cheese flavor base and some bright acidic sundried tomatoes, the natural feta flavor brings a complex element to this rich, creamy, cheesy sauce. Consumers will find the flavors both familiar yet global, prompting lots of requests for “extra cheese, please.”

Key Benefits

• Rich creamy profile
• Cost effective source of natural feta flavor
• Satisfies consumers demand for ethnic, Mediterranean flavors
• Flavor could serve to balance or mask finished product; especially if paired with a stronger base like fish

Featured Edlong Flavors

Natural Feta Flavor #1411829
• rich, creamy flavorful with an authentic feta profile

Natural Cheese Flavor #1076
• adds richness, fattiness, and boosts overall flavor

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