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Brenda Dehart

Chief Financial Officer

Brenda Dehart oversees Edlong’s Accounting and IT. Brenda brings more than 25 years of experience as a business-minded strategic finance leader who leverages financial expertise to drive operational and profit improvement. Brenda has a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance.

Get to Know Brenda

What three words best describe you?

Driven, Competitive, Energetic

What was your first job?

It seems like I started working when I was 13, being a nanny, babysitting, helping with family businesses, but my first real job was at Hardee’s! I learned everything from customer service to quality and food safety there!

If you could give your “teenage self” some advice, what would it be?

Set high goals but enjoy your youth – life passes quickly. Spend time with family as much as possible.

Name an item on your bucket list that you still need to accomplish.

Travel to every continent and see as many cultures as possible.

Whose legacy has made an impact on you?

My maternal grandfather. He didn’t have a tremendous amount of education and was a farmer, but he was so business smart and could fix anything. He worked very hard but also enjoyed life. He was like a second father to me!

What is one “fun fact” not many people know about you?

I helped deliver a baby horse. My dad raced harness horses when I was growing up and we had a pregnant mare. Luckily, she went into labor during the day when I was at my dad’s farm. I stayed with her in the stall during the whole delivery – think “horse Lamaze”. The little colt was born and he was so tame from his first minutes of life.