From Spreadsheets to Skydiving

January 29, 2018

Nohemi Moreno
Financial & Customer Service Manager—Mexico
Joined Edlong in January 2017

How would you describe your typical day?
I am involved in many areas. First, I review pending orders for the day and respond to special requests from our customers. I make sure all orders have been set up correctly in our system, then I prepare all the paperwork that is delivered with our products. I work closely with the customer service team in the U.S. and my local freight forwarder to make sure all orders are delivered according to schedule. I also handle accounting, invoicing, payroll, pricing and finance, and sales reports.

What’s your favorite part about working for Edlong?
I love the support and teamwork. I am very grateful for all the people who help me do my job well, and help me follow Edlong’s formula. I would especially like to thank David, Patrick, Ken, Dustin, Addison, Rick and my local team in Mexico. They are all very patient and helpful.

Is there a project, event, etc. that sticks out in your mind or a favorite memory that you might have from your time here?
I remember my first visit to our Chicago office. Everyone was very welcoming. Even though they didn’t know me, they made me feel like part of their team.

How does what you do impact Edlong’s customers?
I always do my best to answer any customer concerns in a timely manner, and give them the best quality service. Some of our customers have tough requests/requirements, but I like the challenge of satisfying them.

How does your work make Edlong better?
Since my job isn’t focused on a single area, that helps me understand our business from a broad perspective. My work helps provide the team with important financial information from a variety of reports, and helps us satisfy our customers by providing excellent service.

Favorite food?
I love Indian food, especially masala dosa. When I was young, I worked at an Indian restaurant and I fell in love with southern Indian food, especially the desserts.

Your favorite thing to do for fun?
I do nighttime bike rides with a group, and it’s so much fun and relaxing. I also enjoy going to the park and playing with my dogs.

What’s one thing your coworkers might not know about you?
I love extreme activities. I have gone bungee jumping, skydiving, rafting and mountain biking. I like feeling the adrenaline from these activities, especially in green areas like forests, lakes and mountains.

Any other anecdotes, or an interesting story about your time at Edlong?
We had a special situation with our customs agent in Mexico. They held our inventory and we weren’t able to ship to our customers by the requested delivery date. Suddenly, I had eight orders that needed to be shipped and I had to inform our customers that their orders would be delayed—in some cases by more than a week. Fortunately everything worked out, but my challenge was maintaining good relationships during this very stressful time.