Give Consumers A Merry Little Indulgence

December 11, 2014

This time of year rings with indulgence. It seems like everything is coated in sugar or dipped in chocolate. And after the holidays, we feel like we ourselves have been dipped in chocolate or rolled in sugar. Edlong has the solution for manufacturers looking for a versatile and indulgent compound coating that offers consumers a sweet treat with a healthy side of coveted indulgence.

The Answer is Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is at the top of everyone’s healthy food grocery list. Health conscious consumers love it’s high protein profile but manufacturers can be challenged to incorporate this beloved ingredient due to its tangy, acidic taste. Enter Edlong’s dairy flavors as the solution. Edlong’s team has created a delicious, versatile and rich Greek yogurt flavored compound coating that’s perfect for chips, bars, cereal inclusions, toppings or concentrated flavor bases. Featuring Edlong’s natural yogurt-type, cream cheese-type and cream-type flavors, this compound coating is an optimal carrier of probiotics and can be used to incorporate vitamin emulsions allowing for health claims that consumers desire.

Ring in the New Year with our Greek yogurt compound coating. Contact Edlong’s technical specialists today to learn more about creating healthy and indulgent applications using dairy flavors.
Featured Edlong Flavors


• Natural Yogurt-Type Flavor #1411013
Kosher Pareve
Yogurt, sour, butter, cultured, sour cream

• Natural Cream Cheese-Type Flavor #1411600
Kosher Dairy
Cream Cheese, dairy, fruity, lactone, mild, milk, waxy, cheese

• Natural Cream-Type Flavor #1411474
Kosher Dairy
Creamy, fatty, milk, butter, sweet