High Intensity Sweeteners

June 5, 2014

The Sweet Stuff
It’s no secret that sugar has become to diets what fat once was: the bad guy. In 2000, 18% of U.S. adults were choosing to use low or no calorie sweeteners. That number has grown to 24% in 2012.1 Armed with this knowledge, food manufacturers are challenged with developing products that incorporate sweeteners.

The key is to find a sweetener that tastes just as good as sugar AND sweetens food without leaving lingering off-notes or an aftertaste. Many popular artificial sweeteners are either too sweet or bitter. One current favorite, stevia, is all natural with no-calories but for some consumers also leaves the bitter aftertaste similar to artificial sweeteners. Monk fruit, the newest sugar substitute on the scene, is natural like stevia but is fruit based, making it more relatable for consumers to choose since they equate fruit with sweetness. That left us wondering: could our dairy flavors, which are excellent masking agents, be used to mask the bitterness from alternative sweeteners whether natural or artificial?

A Sweet Blend
At first glance, plain yogurt and iced-tea seem like completely different categories but their commonality is the need for a boost of sweetness, typically delivered with the use of sweeteners.

Typically light yogurts are sweetened with a blend of AceK and sucraclose, resulting in a bitter off-note. We set out to reduce this bitterness by incorporating two of our natural milk-type flavors with sweet, vanilla, brown and butter notes. The results? Edlong’s dairy flavors masked the bitterness from the artificial sweeteners and left a creamy, rich, sweet yogurt with little to no aftertaste or bitterness.

After tackling yogurt, we moved on to iced-tea. We began with a golden black tea, milk and, for sweetness, used a natural blend of stevia and monk fruit. Because monk fruit has less bitterness and stevia can be sweeter, the two together create the perfect sweet blend with reduced bitter off-notes. Edlong’s natural beverage mouthfeel flavor rounded out this formulation by masking any remaining bitterness and make a creamy, rich and refreshing iced-tea beverage.

Edlong natural dairy flavors are the perfect masking agents for alternative sweeteners. Contact us today to see how Edlong can help you with your next sweet concept.


Featured Edlong Flavors

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1411506
Kosher Pareve
Milk, sweet, creamy, caramel, vanilla, brown

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1411661
Kosher Pareve
Sweet, milk, dairy, creamy, cooked, butter

Natural Beverage Mouthfeel Flavor #1412397
Kosher Pareve
Cream, caramel, cooked, brown, sweet, masking, chocolate