How Sweet It Is

December 20, 2017

You may already know that for more than 100 years, Edlong has pioneered the use of processes applied to dairy to expertly replicate authentic dairy taste. What you may not know is that this includes expertise in the sweet compounds inherent to dairy that create the tastes we all love.

Edlong has a full library of almost 100 sweet dairy flavors that run the gamut from classic sweet flavors of caramel, butterscotch, vanilla and chocolate to the more uncommon flavors of coconut, crème brûlée, malt, graham cracker, maple and Irish cream. As with all Edlong flavors, these sweet dairy flavors are available in many different forms and solubilities to work in any application. Plus, more than 70% of our sweet dairy flavors are dairy-free and vegan-suitable, so they can be used in any dairy-free application.

At this time of year when the Edlong chefs and research scientists have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, they are developing delicious, indulgent and innovative applications for sweet dairy flavors. For example:

  • A Vanilla Custard flavor is used in a vegan ice cream to add the sweet, eggy note of real dairy ice cream without dairy proteins or allergens
  • A Brown Sugar flavor is used to balance chipotle and cayenne peppers in our “sweet heat” high-protein quinoa snack brittle
  • A Caramel flavor is used in almond milk, with a dash of salt, to create an indulgent salted caramel dairy-free beverage
  • A Chocolate flavor is paired with a Vanilla Custard flavor to create a sweet pancake that doesn’t need syrup
  • A White Chocolate flavor mingles with Cream and Half & Half flavors; when bits of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies are added, it makes a delicious Cookies ’n Cream waffle
  • The same White Chocolate flavor is combined with a Sweetened Condensed Milk flavor and added to espresso to create a white chocolate mocha coffee beverage
  • A Graham Cracker flavor was surprisingly paired with a Cheese flavor in a high- protein, vegetarian truffle

Ask us how our expertise in sweet dairy flavors can mean sweet success for your next application.