How To Decrease Food & Beverage Formulation Costs and Increase Flavor Impact

Looking to leverage the taste of dairy to decrease commodity costs and increase flavor impact?

As a product developer, you’re faced with a unique challenge: keeping formulation costs in check amid fluctuating commodity prices, keeping an eye on the ingredients to meet labeling requirements, all while delivering a product that your consumer increasingly expects to deliver on an authentic taste experience.

What’s Inside? Trend insights, plus…

• How to use flavors to decrease commodity costs
• How to leverage flavors to increase flavor impact
• How to deliver a consistently authentic taste experience
• How to meet label requirements while reducing costs

Whether working on snack, dressings, sauces, dips, spreads or other applications, saving costs without losing flavor impact can be a challenge. Learn more about the latest ways dairy flavors are helping food and beverage industry innovators reduce costs while increasing flavor impact by downloading this helpful one-sheeter.