Introducing the Seven Layer Cracker (No Dip Required!)

June 30, 2016

A Messy Favorite in a Neat, Cheesy Cracker

As summer months and warmer weather begin across the country, chances are most of us will be headed to a barbecue. And chances are that someone at that barbecue will have made a delicious seven layer dip. This familiar layering of cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, onions and spices seems to be everyone’s favorite. But, have you ever tried to get all seven layers on your chip in one scoop? Impossible … until now!

Edlong’s Seven Layer Cheese Crackers to the Rescue

The food scientists at Edlong are always lending their talents to creating tasty solutions to our food dilemmas. Snack foods as a category are an area where consumers are looking for both bold, and familiar. Since so many of our eating occasions are snacking this cracker is a perfect fit for consumers who want to enjoy some of their favorite flavor combinations on the go.

Our seven layer cheese crackers are not only crispy and cheesy, but also make for a perfectly bold and savory snack. Low levels of dairy flavors not only balance out the heat, but also provide the authentic characteristics of cheddar and sour cream.

Featured Edlong Flavor:

Natural Sour Cream-Type Flavor #1411216
• Liquid
• Kosher Pareve
• Butter, creamy, sour, milk, sour cream, dairy, Asadero

Natural Cheddar Ingredient #1412778
• Paste
• Kosher Dairy
• Savory, Cheddar, cheese, dairy, fatty, meaty, lipolytic, waxy