Less is More At IFT

July 28, 2016

Introducing Edlong® Simply Dairy Ingredients and Edlong® Sweet Spot Flavors

The demand for simple labels, reduced added sugar and more authentic taste in premium products inspired us to develop Edlong® Simply Dairy ingredients and Edlong® Sweet Spot flavors. This year at IFT, we presented savory and sweet concepts made with Edlong innovations that deliver less and more together.

Our five menu offerings were examples of how we can help you meet consumer needs. We introduced less on your label and more authentic taste, more ways to boost flavor and even more applications. We debuted less added sugar, but more sweetness, richness and versatility.


Perfectissimo Parmesan Shortbread Rounds
Shortbread gets molto delizioso with basil pesto, roasted cherry tomato, thyme, sea salt and sesame seeds. Edlong® Simply Dairy ingredients add rich, aged, nutty notes of your favorite hard Italian cheeses and Parmesan

  • Natural Dairy Blend Ingredient #1412776 – Paste (KD)
  • Natural Dairy Blend Ingredient #1412770 – Paste (KD)

Simply Saucy Chicken Duo
Edlong® Simply Dairy ingredients star in our delicate, butter-forward Creamy Lemon Sage Sauce, and our Cheddar & Smoked Chili Sauce made with mild guajillo peppers, delivering the perfect balance of rich, creamy Cheddar cheese and a touch of heat.

  • Natural Butter Ingredient # 1412798– Emulsion (KD)
  • Natural Cheddar Ingredient #1412778 – Paste (KD)               

Lucky Kentucky Peach Bourbon Pound Cake
You’ll swear you taste butter, but this slice of Southern comfort gets its premium buttery taste from an Edlong® Simply Dairy ingredient.

  • Natural Butter Ingredient #1412800 – Spray Dry (KD)

Berry ‘Biscus Blast
Floral, balanced and light, this reduced-sugar quencher includes a new Edlong® Sweet Spot flavor that will leave consumers thirsty for more.

  • Natural Sweet Non-Dairy Flavor #1412824 – Liquid (KP)
  • Natural Brown Sugar 601 #1003903 – Powder (KP)

Grazer: Seeded Savories
Eight simple ingredients combine for a bold, healthy, irresistible snack, including our Natural and Non-GMO Project Compliant Feta-Type and Goat Cheese-Type Flavors.

  • Natural Feta-Type Flavor #1411859 – Powder (KP)
  • Natural Goat Cheese-Type Flavor #1412494 – Liquid (KP)

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