Little Fat, Big Flavor…Rethink Greek Yogurt

June 24, 2015

Greek yogurt…the food darling of 2014. If there were a sleeper category for the food Olympics, Greek yogurt would win. It’s not as if it’s new…it’s been around for hundreds of years. And manufacturers have jumped squarely on the back of Greek yogurt because of its thick, rich flavor and flavor versatility. It can be a dip, a dessert, a base for a sauce or of course, a partner to granola for breakfast.

With all its attributes, Greek yogurt isn’t perfect. While it can boast high protein, Greek yogurt also has a high fat content, which has health conscious consumers looking for alternatives in the yogurt aisle. And manufacturers are looking to create a low-fat version with all the full-fat, creamy, rich flavor.

The Difference is Mouthfeel
So we thought, let’s do Greek yogurt one better. We started with a 5% fat Greek yogurt, applied our technical know-how, and added our Natural Mouthfeel Flavor to bring in the classic creaminess expected from a great, full-fat Greek yogurt. Our Natural Milk-Type flavor and Natural Butter-Type flavor contribute the expected dairy profile. We think we have an award winner that will have the most health conscious consumer skipping to the dairy case.

Have a project that could use a little mouthfeel enhancement? Edlong scientists are ready to assist with formulation advice and expertise to take your low-fat Greek yogurt concept to the next level.

Edlong Featured Flavors:

Natural Mouthfeel Flavor #5721
• Liquid
• Kosher Pareve
• Mouthfeel, creamy, fatty, salty, butter, oily, dairy

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1412172
• Liquid
• KP
• Sweet, milk, creamy, fresh, green, cooked, mouthfeel, lactone

Natural Butter-Type Flavor #1411311
• Spray Dry
• KP
• Butter, dairy, fatty, lipolytic, country