More Peas Pleeeeez!

May 31, 2017

The rise of vegan as a lifestyle

Individualism is an important trend right now, and not just among Millennials. From our i-devices to single-serve cups of coffee, most consumers want things personalized. As more food options and outlets become available, they are increasingly personalizing their diets as well. The growth in consumption of plant-based products has become more main stream and crosses all applications including new options in snacks, beverages, meals and desserts.

Plant power
According to Mintel GNPD, food products launched with a vegan claim increased over 200% from 2011 to 2016. Consumers are placing an emphasis on plants when deciding how to reach their personal dietary goals. As food manufacturers already know, many vegan alternatives are lacking in taste, and often also in nutritional value.

Dairy flavors are extremely versatile in managing many challenges that occur with formulating plant based foods and beverages. One of the key functions is masking off flavors that are present with plant derived sources of proteins as well as improving the flavor when oxidation is a factor related to the presence of unsaturated oils in these formulations. The selection of the right flavor is critical to impart a dairy characteristic to vegan products that are non-dairy. For example, a vegan mac and cheese can meet consumer dietary and health goals, and an Edlong Cheddar flavor can provide all the cheesy characteristics that consumers want including indulgence—without any actual dairy ingredients. Our expert technologists have created many natural dairy free flavors that optimize the taste profiles of vegan products. Edlong’s dairy flavors are available in Natural, Kosher Pareve, non-GMO, Halal-certifiable and Whole Foods® compliant.

Even when a vegan product is not formulated specifically for a vegan diet, the addition of plant-based products, especially proteins, often contributes an undesirable note and impacts the mouthfeel of the food or beverage. Non-dairy dairy flavors can be used in these instances to mask bitter notes, contribute added richness or neutralize oily or oxidative notes.

Edlong’s flavorists, application scientists, food technologists, corporate chef, culinary scientists and sensory specialists work together to address product development challenges and help discover unexpected ways to solve problems with dairy flavors. Contact us today to learn more!