Multitask your Meal

October 27, 2015

Many of us depend on, no make that crave, a big cup of coffee to wake us up in the morning or to reinvigorate us mid-afternoon. Sometimes we even choose coffee for breakfast when we know we ought to have something more nutritious and filling. Consumers’ busy schedules can leave little time for sit-down meals, unless it’s at the desk, and inadequate meals can lead to unhealthy snacking. Consumers care about their health and want to make healthy choices but need them to be convenient and easy. So we thought: why not create a beverage that can multitask as a meal, be a nutritious timesaver and TASTE GOOD?

Our solution? Begin with a rich dairy coffee base, add healthy oat, flaxseed and vitamins, incorporate Edlong’s caramel and chocolate flavors to add richness while masking off notes and blend into an amazing, healthy and tasty breakfast or snack time beverage.

Blend in the Oats, Bring on the Protein

What really makes this indulgent beverage unique are the oats. Oats in beverages are becoming increasingly popular because they help thicken the beverage beautifully and provide an excellent protein source while helping to lower cholesterol and increase satiety. The natural sweetener, a combination of Stevia and monkfruit, balances any bitter off notes and provides just the right amount of sweetness to this beverage.

Consider the benefits of developing a beverage that multitasks— satisfying consumers’ desires for convenience, health and flavor indulgence. Edlong’s dairy flavors, especially our mocha and caramel, are just the ingredients you need to achieve your product development goal for a “do it all” beverage.

Key Benefits:

    • • 140 calories per serving, 10 grams of protein
    • • Oats add heart healthy benefit and whole grain goodness
    • • Flaxseed provides omega-3, known to boost cognitive function and elevate mood.
    • • 100% RDI of calcium and 15% RDI of B vitamins
    • • All natural flavors with low usage levels
    • • Flavor synergy from using caramel with mocha flavors to add indulgent richness for a satisfying “meal” experience

Featured Edlong Flavors

Natural Caramel- Type Flavor #1412397
• Liquid
• Kosher Pareve
• 1.2% Use Level
• Cream, caramel, cooked, brown, sweet, masking, chocolate, lactone

Natural Chocolate Flavor #610
• Liquid
• Kosher Pareve
• 0.06 Use Level
• chocolate, sweet liquor notes