No Need to Butter You Up

July 23, 2014

Today, it’s a given that you cannot travel to an American city without coming across a cupcake shop. A recent food trend, cupcakes have inspired consumers to stand in lines that wrap around street corners. Critics love to predict the end of the cupcake phenomenon but it’s hard to hold down this classic. Piped high with fluffy frosting, cupcakes are an indulgent treat, a little bite of nostalgia, and a platform for experimentation all in one.

It comes as no surprise that the basic ingredients for a cupcake (and most baked goods for that matter) include sugar, flour, butter, and eggs. Since dairy is our passion, we naturally want to focus on the butter. In baking vernacular, butter represents flavor and is the baker’s gold standard. But there was a time where shortening reigned supreme. Our mothers used shortening primarily because it was less expensive than butter, a fact that remains true today. So, a challenge slowly presented itself: formulate a less costly cupcake using shortening but with indulgent, buttery flavor.

The Butterless Cupcake Challenge
One might think that creating a cupcake without butter would result in zero flavor or mouthfeel. However, by using Edlong’s Natural Butter Flavor to bring the rich, natural, authentic taste of butter, we were able to formulate a butterless cupcake at a flavorful cost. Our version still provides the necessary amount of fat despite using less shortening and no butter. And, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of butter’s melting point, it’s also a formulation that’s easier to work with and is more stable.

Give us a chance to butter you up…contact us today for formulation assistance or technical support with any of our natural dairy flavors. We are here to help!

Featured Edlong Flavor

Natural Butter Flavor #1410911
o Liquid
o Kosher Pareve
o Butter, sweet, corn, creamy, fatty, smooth, country, melted