Non-Dairy, Dairy Protein Beverage? More Peas!

April 23, 2015

One taste of Edlong’s non-dairy vanilla cream beverage might have you saying, “more peas!” Unexpected? Yes, but when it comes to dairy beverage alternatives these days, expect the unexpected. That’s because we have combined two of our natural, non-GMO and kosher pareve Milk flavors along with our Vanilla Cream flavor with pea protein powder and rice milk, creating a protein powerhouse.

Non-Dairy Protein Beverage for All
Fitness minded Americans are on the hunt for adding more protein to their daily diets for weight control, lean muscle mass development and overall health. But more importantly, healthy consumers are becoming more educated on what types of protein they want to add to their diets and the pros and cons of each. For vegans, lactose-intolerant or dairy allergic consumers, getting the right protein while satisfying their health needs can be a challenge. With all the protein of an egg (7g) and almost 41% of the average recommended fiber for American teens and adults each day1, this non-dairy protein beverage more than qualifies as a healthy, nutritional snack.

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Key Benefits

7 g of protein
12 g of fiber
All natural flavors, clean label

Featured Edlong Flavors

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1411930
• Powder
• Kosher Pareve
• 0.2% Use Level
• Sweet, milk, dairy, creamy, cooked, butter

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1412172
• Liquid
• Kosher Pareve
• 0.1% Use Level
• Sweet, milk, creamy, fresh, green, cooked, mouthfeel, lactone

Natural Vanilla Cream-Type Flavor #1411681
• Spray Dry
• Kosher Pareve
• 0.02% Use Level
• Sweet, vanilla, creamy, caramel, candy, vanilla crème

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