Non-Dairy Milks: A Primer

April 4, 2014

Call it what you want: almond, coconut, soy, rice – it’s still milk albeit non-dairy. Originally developed as alternatives for those with allergies, these milk substitutes are filling cereal bowls, used as bases for smoothies, and creaming coffee, giving cow’s milk a run for its money.

Milk it For All We Got
Almond, coconut and rice milk sales approach $1.4 B in 2014 with expected growth to $1.7B by 2016.1 Consumers are choosing milk alternatives either because they perceive them to be healthier or because they have allergy conditions.

Emptying the Carton
Edlong was curious about consumer satisfaction in regards to healthy beverages and recently commissioned a proprietary study with the Natural Marketing Institute. The study was comprised of 800 healthy beverage users and covered 8 beverage categories including non-dairy milk alternatives. The goal was to identify unmet consumer needs in these categories by examining the attributes most important to them. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned:

Taste Rules: Consumers value taste above all but aren’t always satisfied with the overall taste of the non-dairy alternative products that are available to them. That’s opportunity knocking.
Natural Flavors: Healthy beverages should contain natural flavors, according to 79% of respondents.
Keep it Simple: A short ingredient list is seen as, well…healthier.
Multi-tasking Beverages: 69% of respondents believe healthy beverages can be used to get their daily vitamin/nutrient requirements.

A Full Glass of Good
Edlong has non-dairy solutions that will give consumers the health benefits they desire AND the great taste that will keep them refilling their glass. Our non-dairy alternative, natural milk type flavor and our natural almond vanilla milk-type flavor will give you the options you need to make your next product development project FULL of good taste.

1., 2013

Featured Edlong Flavor

Natural Milk-Type Flavor #1411506
• Powder
• Kosher Pareve
• Milk, sweet, creamy, caramel, vanilla, brown

Natural Almond Vanilla-Type Flavor #1411900
• Liquid
• Kosher Pareve
• Sweet, almond, vanilla, creamy, nutty, cherry, butter