Overcoming Off-Notes

January 24, 2017

Too much of a good thing

Today’s educated consumers know how to purchase foods that speak to their individual health goals, and they expect their snacks to deliver on functionality. Manufacturers have listened, and are creating snacks with more and more healthy ingredients on the label. The result of all this health and wellness is not always tasty, so Edlong is always working to improve the flavor of the healthy products that consumers demand. For example, Edlong recently created a snack bar that included two ingredients infamous for contributing astringent and bitter off-notes—pea protein and whole grains.

Pecan Oat Quinoa Bar

This bar contains a host of healthful ingredients, including pea protein, quinoa, pecans, almonds, oats and flaxseed. Packing 6g of protein and 3g of fiber in a 50g bar the benefits are easy to see—and taste! The food scientists at Edlong worked to add dairy flavors to mask the off-notes from the pea protein and whole grains. Surprisingly, the answer came from a combination of a sweet milk flavor that is a part of our Edlong® Sweet Spot line of flavors, with a mouthfeel flavor. These two flavors, used at low levels, combined to mask the off-notes and contributed to the fattiness and creaminess that consumers expect in a bar. The result was healthy indulgence!

Are you having a bitter struggle masking off-notes from your better-for-you application? The food scientists at Edlong are ready to help.


  • Natural Sweet Milk-Type Flavor #1412664
    Kosher Pareve
    Sweet, milk, lactone, candy, vanilla, sweet cream, cooked, brown sugar
  • Natural Mouthfeel Flavor #1412304
    Kosher Pareve
    Sweet, dairy, creamy, fatty, waxy, mouthfeel, vanilla