Peru is Hot, Hot, Hot

July 10, 2014

We continue to be inspired by the flavors of Peru! There’s no doubt that Peruvian cuisine is the up-and-coming cuisine, the one to watch, the next big thing. You get the idea. No matter what you call it, Peruvian cuisine, especially dishes starring the aji Amarillo pepper, is on our radar and should be on yours too.

Previously we featured the aji Amarillo in a traditional Huancaina Sauce. Now we’re featuring this standout pepper in a snack…another big trend. Snacking is a meal category in its own right with many consumers admitting to snacking at least once a day. Here in the U.S, we like our salty snacks: pita chips, pretzels and of course the potato chip. In Peru, they enjoy a salty snack as well but prefer it to be made of a plantain, a traditional crop of Peru. Known as chifles in Peru, we were inspired to create our own version of this salty treat.

Not a chip but a chifle!

Our chifles are seasoned with aji Amarillo and are rounded out by a powerful combination of Edlong dairy flavors. Featuring cheddar, Parmesan and butter notes, Edlong’s flavor combination balances out the heat from the pepper. The cheddar and Parmesan flavors contribute yeasty, savory notes while the butter profile of the starter distillate lifts and rounds out the entire application. The result— an amped up chifle that the most seasoned snacker will enjoy by the handful. Gluten-free, vegetarian and lower in fat than potato chips, this snack is sure to appeal to consumers’ increasing health & wellness preferences.

Let us help you find the perfect blend of Edlong dairy flavors to compliment your next snack seasoning. Edlong can help you be on trend whether travelling to Peru or right at your benchtop.

Featured Edlong Flavor

Natural Parmesan-Type Flavor #2631
Kosher Pareve
Yeasty, cheese, Parmesan, lipolytic, Chihuahua, fatty, savory, Menonita

Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1411344
Kosher Pareve
Cheese, Cheddar, lipolytic, meaty, savory, sharp, waxy, yeasty

Natural Starter Distillate-Type Flavor #1411319
Kosher Pareve
Butter, creamy, salty, savory, diacetyl-like, starter distillate, Panela