Pop Over to Island-Inspired Snacking

December 16, 2015


Most closely associated with satisfying a craving or watching a movie, popcorn is a blank canvas for exploring new flavors. In Edlong’s proprietary snacking study this year, we discovered that four out of five snacking occasions center on taste and the consumer’s eating experience. Coupled with its inherent health halo, popcorn is an ideal better-for-me platform for inventive new profiles that appeal to the adventurous and well-traveled.

A Trip to the Caribbean

Bold taste is important across all of the snack categories we studied, which prompted our creative concepts team to develop an innovative Island Spice Popcorn. Seasoned topically, this delicious snack is an intriguing blend of buttery notes and brown spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The application features Edlong’s Natural Butter and Natural Brown Sugar flavors which add a sweet and rich balance to the finished snack.


  • Natural Brown Sugar-Type Flavor #4269
    Kosher Pareve

 Brown sugar, molasses, caramel, woody, burnt, maple, brown, spicy

  • Natural Butter Flavor WONF #1411286
    Spray Dry
    Kosher Dairy

 Butter, melted, popcorn, creamy, lactone, country