Premium, Artisanal Tastes Make Every Day A Special Occasion

July 27, 2017

Premium, artisanal tastes make every day a special occasion

Consumers won’t settle for ordinary
Not that long ago, premium foods and flavors were reserved for special occasions. “Gourmet” flavors such as rosemary truffle rice and rosé-infused white chocolate ganache only made an appearance at “fancy” meals. However, today’s consumers are enjoying premium culinary and globally-inspired flavors much more often. They expect premium flavors and seek them at every meal. Edlong has deep expertise with authentic flavors. We offer a full portfolio of premium culinary and globally-inspired flavors that can be used in infinite ways. From Australian/New Zealand Butter to White Chocolate Mocha, we’ll help you set your products apart from your competitors.Edlong uses sensory analysis to ensure that the profiles of our flavors are as close to the real product as possible, to satisfy consumer expectations. In a recent analysis that compared an Edlong Gouda Cheese Flavor to Gouda cheese, our flavor nearly perfectly matched the cheese for its authentic savory, yeasty, nutty, dairy, aged, earthy, brothy and creamy qualities.Edlong elevates the taste experience—and gives global food manufacturers many other important advantages. Our flavors address:

  • Cost considerations, such as affordably replacing commodities including cheese and butter
  • Processing constraints, such as replacing cheese powder with a flavor that can withstand high heat
  • Limited flavor impact in reduced fat or sugar applications
  • Dietary restrictions that meet Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free requirements

Ask us how we can give your products an authentic, premium upgrade!