Reduce Added Sugar in Chocolate Milk up to 40%

February 23, 2016

Same Treat – Less Sweet

A favorite of kids and adults alike, chocolate milk is viewed as an occasional treat due to its typically high sugar content. Noted as a post-workout recovery drink, chocolate milk could be poised for growth among many consumer segments— if only it had less sugar.

A Response to Consumers and the WHO

Many consumers are aware that a high-sugar diet increases the chances of tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. What’s more, the World Health Organization recently announced that a normal-weight person should consume just six added teaspoons of sugar, per day. Edlong’s food scientists have been working on ways to reduce added sugar in some of the most popular treats, and what better place to start than with chocolate milk!

Our reduced-sugar chocolate milk starts with skim milk and cocoa powder and expertly combines flavors to both enhance the chocolate profile and add creaminess to the skim milk. The application is made with a reduced amount of added sugar—up to 40%!—and uses one of Edlong’s new sweet flavors to naturally enhance sweet taste in this delicious beverage.

Featured Edlong Flavors:

Natural Chocolate Flavor #1824
• Powder
• Kosher Pareve
• Chocolate, dark chocolate, malt, maple

Natural Cream-Type Flavor  #1411287
• Powder
• Kosher Pareve
• Sweet, creamy, milk, butter, dairy

Natural Sweet Milk-Type Flavor  #1412664
• Powder
• Kosher Pareve
Sweet, milk, lactone, candy, vanilla, sweet cream, cooked, brown sugar