Say Hola To Authentic Mexican Cheese Flavors

March 6, 2014

If you’re passionate about authentic enchiladas and tacos, you’re right on trend with the growing number of consumers who love and appreciate all flavors Mexican, especially cheeses. With 100 years of experience with dairy flavors and ingredients, we understand that it can be a challenge for food manufacturers to source Mexican cheeses such as Cotija or Chihuahua. With that in mind, we set out to develop authentic Mexican cheese profiles using our versatile dairy portfolio of flavors.

Familiar Beginnings, Authentic Results
We spent hours tasting, profiling and translating gold standard recipes using a variety of Mexican cheeses comparing products from grocery stores to those from artisan, open-air markets. Armed with detailed sensory results, our team successfully identified dairy flavors that could be used in combination to create authentic Mexican cheese profiles that have all the attributes you would expect from their named source Mexican cheeses.
For example, using a standard seasoning blend as the base, our chefs and application technologists created distinctively different Mexican cheese profiles using familiar dairy flavors:

• Chihuahua
Features a cream and butter flavor with the cream flavor adding creamy, dairy notes while the butter flavor contributes a mild and salty characteristic.

• Cotija
Features a feta and cheddar flavor with the feta bringing goaty, animal notes and the cheddar providing the necessary dairy and fatty flavor.

• Anejo
Features a parmesan flavor that brings an aged, musty quality while also lending savory yet fruity notes.

With Edlong as your partner, you can:

• create artisan profiles with the unique flavor attributes of Mexican cheeses.
• convert traditional recipes into commercial formulas with authentic taste.
• reduce or replace specialty Mexican dairy commodities to overcome sourcing complexities and increased costs from storage and handling.

Let us help you create complex taste experiences with our deep knowledge of the Mexican market and our expertise in dairy flavor technologies.

Can’t easily source a Mexican artisan cheese? Check out our nifty reference guide of familiar cheese alternatives.


Download the Mexican Cheese flavor reference guide.