Tea It Up!

March 17, 2014

When you think tea, do you think England or the sweet tea of the South? Raised pinky or not? Iced or hot? No matter how you like it, tea is hot, hot, hot and we don’t just mean in temperature. Tea and its many varieties are predicted to be a top trend for 2014 and you can expect to see it expand into even more unique beverages, desserts, and savory dishes this year.

To tea or not to tea

Why all the fuss about tea? It’s been long known that drinking tea provides unique and compelling health benefits. But different tea varieties can yield different healthy outcomes. Oolong, for example, contains the antioxidant catechin and caffeine, which combine to rev up your body’s metabolism and ignite its fat burning furnace for up to 2 hours after drinking it. Polyphenols in teas, like white and black teas, help block fat-building enzymes and also can help reduce bad breath because they stop plaque from clinging to your teeth. And green teas have an overall great health benefits ranging from satiation to cancer fighting due to its high levels of ECGC, a phytonutrient.

For our creamy carrot berry tea, we went the herbal route and started with a peach passion fruit tea with added carrot juice for health and sweetness. To provide creamy, sweet, caramel notes, we incorporated a vanilla, non-dairy natural flavor that creates a balanced and refreshing and soothing iced-tea beverage.

Featured Edlong Flavor

Natural Vanilla Cream-Type Flavor #1411681
• Spray Dry
• Kosher Pareve
• Sweet, vanilla, creamy, caramel, candy, vanilla crème

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