Technology That Goes Beyond Dairy Flavors

March 28, 2016

The word “technologies” is in our name, but it refers to more than our dairy flavors. Paul Masline, VP of Information Technology, makes sure that we have the best IT solutions, so we can give our customers the highest level of service. Take note of his musical side and his most memorable bike ride.

Paul Masline
VP of Information Technology

When did you start at Edlong?
I joined Edlong in January 2005.

How would you describe your typical day?
A typical day combines many things. I spend most of my time solving problems around technology, data and processes. Sometimes it’s making simple enhancements to existing systems or processes, and sometimes I work on new systems and completely change the way we do things. I spend many hours meeting with people to understand what they’re trying to accomplish and the challenges they face. I also keep up with the latest technology and follow trends in cloud computing, virtualization, security, communications and analytics to make sure our people work efficiently, and to protect our data and systems. Creating great solutions that improve how we work so we’re better able to serve our customers—that’s what it’s all about!

What’s your favorite part about working here?
I enjoy working with people from every department at Edlong. In my role, I get to see how all the pieces fit together to serve our customers.

Is there a project, event, etc. that sticks out in your mind or a favorite memory that you might have from your time here?
Implementing a new CRM system was one of my favorite projects. Not only did it change the way we work, but it was also a great example of what can happen when everyone is committed to implementing new systems and processes. I still remember the feedback we received from one of our salespeople after the new system was live: “Even more impressive to me has been the commitment to make a major investment in a new system and, within a very short time, roll out the product to power users. When I was hired last August, Edlong was investigating new CRMs … and only months later Edlong made the investment, built the system, transferred the data and trained the organization.” 

How does what you do impact Edlong’s customers?
The word “technologies” in our name (Edlong Dairy Technologies) refers to both the technologies we use to develop our products, and the technologies we use to help our employees work more efficiently so they can serve our customers better. For example, our systems and processes enable quicker turnaround of customer requests for documentation and samples.

How does your work make Edlong better?
Like any other IT organization, we spend considerable time just keeping things going. However, we have a CEO who views IT as a way to differentiate ourselves and make Edlong better. As a result, I’m always involved in working with department leads to improve processes and eliminate bottlenecks in workflows, implementing new systems, enhancing existing ones, and analyzing data trends to identify problems and opportunities. All of these efforts make Edlong better.

Favorite food.
I love a good barbecue—cheeseburgers and brats are my favorite.

One thing your coworkers might not know about you.
When I was 13, I did a bicycle trip along the coast of Maine, from Freeport to Acadia National Park with a YMCA group. We carried our own gear, set up camp each night, and prepared our own meals each day.

Your favorite thing to do for fun.
Music has always been an important part of my life. I began playing the saxophone and piano in grade school. I played the saxophone in both my high school and college marching bands. I also played in a community band and jazz band for a number of years after college. I’ve attended many concerts over the years by the Cleveland Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Symphony Orchestra.