The Complex Science Behind Simple, Clean Labels

March 30, 2017

Clean Label Any Way You Need It

It doesn’t take much searching into 2017 food trends to realize that clean label is more important to consumers than ever. But what is clean label anyway? Just like many consumer health and wellness goals, everyone has their own definition.

The definition of clean label, or pantry-friendly labeling, can vary. Often, it addresses the desire to reduce the number of ingredients on a label. Using our foundation in biochemistry and our expertise in dairy, Edlong has devoted many basic research hours to developing innovative flavor systems that can satisfy any labeling requirements. Never losing our focus on the science and art of deliciousness, we can help you create clean label products with authentic flavor profiles.

Edlong® Simply Dairy Ingredients

The flavorists at Edlong have a long history of pioneering the use of fermentation when applied to dairy. Working with the industry’s largest library of raw materials, they have maximized their unique knowledge to create particularly clean taste and aroma profiles. The science of the biotransformation process is nuanced with the art of fermentation to create Edlong Simply Dairy ingredients.

Sensory analysis against leading cheese flavors reveals that Edlong Simply Dairy ingredients provide a more balanced flavor profile and lack the “soapy’” characteristic associated with other EMCs, and can easily be incorporated into your label.

Edlong Simply Dairy ingredients are so versatile, they can stand alone to provide the primary dairy character, be used in combination with a reduced amount of commodity dairy products, or they can be used in combination with other natural flavors to satisfy any labeling or functional needs. The depth of profile of Edlong Simply Dairy ingredients is more complex and can be customized to meet your profile requirements. To help satisfy less aggressive clean label needs, Edlong can also help you replace artificial flavors with natural ones to assist in revising your product to meet consumer demands.

Edlong’s flavorists, application scientists, food technologists and sensory specialists work together to address product development challenges and help discover unexpected ways to solve problems with dairy flavors. Contact us today to learn more!